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Jay Fab Inc

Quality With Integrity

Metal Fabrication

Custom fabrication to suit all customers

Custom Truck Accessories

Working along side Plan B Fab.  We have created some of the most noticeable, high quality, Kick-Ass Trucks in the USA.

Heavy Machinery Repair

Big Machines need big repairs and need them quick.  We do everything we can to get your machinery back on the site and ready to work.

Custom Industry Fabrication

Frequently our customers would rather deal with a smaller custom fabrication company.  The custom service, attention to detail, and the comfort of knowing is why they keep coming back.

Painting & Finishing

Only the best will do when it comes to the final result.  Trust Jay Fab to give you a final product that will WOW you.

Custom Parts

You have a design, and idea, something sketched out on  a napkin ?  We can make it.

All Work Quality Checked

Quality products is at the top of our list when we design, fabricate, finish, and deliver the final product to our customer.

Advanced Equipment

While good tools are the principled aspect to good work.  Advanced equipment can aid in delivering an amazing product.  Laser Cut Steel is a true example.  Jay Fab Inc utilizes it’s Flatbed Co2 Laser for precision cuts that a human would not be able to produce.

High Quality Materials

Jay Fab Inc uses only the highest quality steel, aluminum, fasteners, and sheet metal available.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

While their art is rendered in sheet metal, the mission of Jason Dvorak and the Jay Fab team is similar to that of any artist: to produce one-of-a-kind creations for customers in search of something special. Most of their work entails fabricating solutions for on and off-road truck enthusiasts in the form of custom suspensions, sheet-metal-bumpers, performance parts, and more.

“I’ve been doing metal fabrication my whole life, so this was a hobby at first,” says Dvorak, who owns Jay Fab Incorporated Industries and works with another company, Plan B Fabrication, both based in Sanford, Fla.

Having gained manufacturing experience customizing his own vehicles and applying his fabrication skills working for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Dvorak opted to strike out on his own in 2011.

“People saw what I was doing and what I was capable of making, and they wanted me to do the same for them,” he says, adding that the two companies are thriving despite no formal advertising. “A lot of the stuff that we do is street-truck stuff, but we do a lot of off-road vehicles, as well.”

Get a Complimentry

Consultation for your Truck

Custom Truck Builds

Working with Plan-B Fab and other builders.  Jay Fab has become an area name in Custom Truck show all over the US.

Client Testimonials

“We were having our manufacturing done in China and the time to ship was brutal.  Then if we needed a rework it took forever.   Not to mention the communication barriers.  Jay Fab Inc fixed it all at a fair price.  We are extremely happy.”


“My business couldn’t survive without their support and superior craftsmanship.  Their laser cutter is fast and can turn out the parts we need almost overnight.  That saves us a bundle and keeps us working smooth and our customers happy”


“Most people don’t know that this is an award winning shop.  Most just see the products they produce being promoted by another company.  Little do they know the skill, labor, artistry, and sweat comes from       Jay Fab Inc.”


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5329 Pen Ave, Sanford, FL